Hello there, I’m Callum and welcome to the blog

I am currently studying at the University of Bangor in North Wales. Being on the edge of Snowdonia, this gives me ample opportunity to explore this beautiful part of the world all year round and this is what this blog is all about, walking and exploring. If your interested have a read of my posts and if you have a story to tell feel free to leave a comment


  1. Hi Callum, I noticed that you have been looking at my Ludlow posts, thank you and I hope you enjoyed them! I do have a few walks on my blog, but I would urge you to read Jo’s blog as Geoff has mentioned. She writes well and there are also quite a few regulars on her site who post walks. I notice you have been to Australia (my dream destination) so I shall have a browse around here tomorrow 😀

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    1. I just posted on her site thanks 🙂 I have a relative who lives up in Ludlow and I regularly stop off there on my way between Home and Uni. Its a lovely town and I really enjoyed your posts. By the way the view from the top of Clee Hill is my favourite sight

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    1. Boo Aber (sorry I’m required to say that by Bangor University) But Aberyswyth is lovely too, I visited there when I was looking for a Uni and I absolutely loved the forest valleys that surround the town, plus some theres some great waterfalls

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  2. Thank you for the follow, Callum! I will follow your travels too – uni is a lovely time in life with many opportunities hard to get later in life. I also love hiking – I guess you have found Hanna?
    You post lovely shots and interesting. I love UK and have visited many times, but only once Snowdonia! Hopefully you will put up with my non native English. My blog Warden Spirits is only for my walking and car tours, so if you like, give it a click when you are at my place.
    Have a great Sunday.

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  3. Hi Callum,

    I have been nominated for a Sunshine Blogger award and am spreading the ‘sunshine’ by nominating your blog as well.

    You have brought Sunshine to my day on many occasions simply by stopping by and liking or commenting on one of my posts. I have also enjoyed reading your blog posts and seeing your photos in return.

    I hope you will accept this award and pas on the sunshine to those that have made your day.

    Regards, Lee-Anne

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  4. Hello Callum – I just found you through Chatty Kerry and I’m SO glad I did. I generally live in the Auvergne in France though am presently discovering the White Mountains in New Hampshire from my temporary home in Massachusetts. I know Snowdonia reasonably well from my own youth and I know I will enjoy reading your posts about the area and other beauteous parts of the world.

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