Spending My 21st in Vienna

Right, lets talk about Vienna. I reckon the best place to start is just where I left off which was at the beginning of November; my birthday as it happens.

Honestly, I was not looking forward to spending my birthday in Vienna. Beforehand I’d played it off; joking about going to the opera, or a big fancy restaurant. But when the week finally arrived, I was pretty much at a lost of what to do.

The workload at Vienna had kept me very busy, too busy to properly socialise, and as time dragged on I felt more and more incapable of just going out and meeting people. Back in Bangor, me and my housemates always have fun at birthdays. We’d go out and have a dinner together or we’d stay home and eat birthday cake. We were always buying each other silly presents. One time I got a cuddly beaver, wrapped up in yellow blanket, and left at the foot of my bedroom door like some fluffy orphan. It was days like that that I loved and it hurt that I couldn’t share this birthday with them.

In Vienna I felt, all of a sudden, very alone, and I didn’t know what to do.

Luckily, my parents arrived, determined to not leave me alone on my birthday of all days.

So we had a nice meal in a fancy restaurant and enjoyed a trip to one of Vienna’s many museums. Honestly I didn’t really care what we did, I was happy to simply travel around Vienna, enjoying the sights with my mum and dad.

The Kuntsthistorisches Museum, that is the Museum of Art History, is (like almost every place in Vienna) especially grand and elegant, complete with massive staircases and fresco covered ceilings.

The Kuntshistorisches




IMG_0328The exhibits too were extravagant and displayed artefacts from all across the world; from ancient Greece and Rome, to either further back with a whole exhibition dedicated to Egyptian history.

The Egyptian exhibit




Hieroglyphs, still with traces of paint still on them


Where a pharaoh once lay.

There were more traditional art galleries of course, displaying pieces from all kinds of famous artists such as Caravaggio, Raphael and Rembrandt. But I must confess it was the ancient art that really captivated me. Especially the eerie hall of busts, which consisted of a room filled marble heads, complete with blank eyes and fixed, unmoving mouths.

The traditional gallery is located on the third floor
Shiny objects!!!


The hall of busts


There’s some stony eyes…

For 15 euros a ticket, the museum is rather expensive, though with me being a student, I always get a discounted price, so yay for me. Regardless the museum is well worth the price and you could easily spend the whole day in there without running out places to explore.

At the end of the day, I was feeling much happier and was glad to be in company of my family, which stemmed the homesickness for a time, though I still had essays and deadlines sitting at the back of my mind.

Sleek exhibits.
Decorative tombs
Believe it or not, this golden ship is self operating, wind it up and watch the crew load the cannons and the ship set sail!

Highlight of my birthday however must be my evening trip up the Donau Tower, which stands on the eastern bank of Vienna, in the newer part of the city. At 252 metres, it is the highest structure in Austria and, well, I think the view speaks for itself.

Vienna’s Business District
The new city
Looking out over Vienna to the hills of Leopoldsberg

For more picture’s check out my Instagram!

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  1. That view really is gorgeous. I agree, the ancient art is much more interesting. I need to make it so the archaelogy museum here in Konstanz before I leave, plus a few others. Given all the history here and the time I’ve been living here, I can’t believe I haven’t gone yet. Looking forward to your upcoming stories from Wien.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. My general philosophy is that if there’s something you really need to see, you’ll be back. If not, then it’s because there are better adventures on the horizon. It is sad though that there’s never enough time to do everything on an adventure..

        Liked by 1 person

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