Low and behold!

Risen from the great depths of university workload and wiener schnitzel, he returns to us!

So, I’m back…and it’s been a looonnnnngggggg looooonnnnnnnnnnggggggg time.

In fact I don’t think I’ve written anything since October, and most of you perhaps thought I was gone for good. Well I’m back, and I’ve got a lot to talk about.

I’m afraid that Vienna has kept me extremely busy, and then around January I suffered some serious problems with my laptop and I lost all my passwords and many photos, which took quite a bit out of me. Nevertheless, I have now returned to the UK, my term at Vienna done and dusted, and I have gotten everything sorted.

I think.

Many of you are probably wondering what I’ve be getting up to in Vienna, but I say ‘pshhh you don’t want to hear about that! That’s boring, I’ve gotten something much better.’ I’m on holiday right now, enjoying my first break after the trials of Austria, and I’m in someplace new this time; South Wales!

Pembrokeshire to be more specific. It’s strange; I’ve spent so much time writing about North Wales, but I’ve never been to the south. Seemed like the time to correct that.

So I’ll be walking around Pembroke for the next week, documenting my days and supplying you readers with some nice photography. And don’t worry, after my holiday, we’ll have a long talk about Austria and beyond.

Some things to look forward to are Winter in Vienna, being taken in for questioning at the Croatian border, and my desperate duel with Austrian bureaucracy.

But that’s all to come, for now, just sit back, relax (God knows I need too) and enjoy some photos of the wonderful Welsh coastline.









For more photos, check out my Instagram page!


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