Like Home Again

Sorry for the lack of updates so far, I’m still trying to mange my time effectively here in Vienna. Unfortunately the workload is a lot more intense that what I’m use to back in Bangor. I try to do something new every week, but sometimes things just don’t work out.

With that said, I did mange to get away last Saturday to the outskirts of Vienna where I came across the Danube-Auen National Park.


Following the course of the Danube and covering over 90 square kilometers, this National Park stretches from Lower Austria and along the border with Slovakia. It’s one on the Danube’s largest remaining flood plains. So naturally, I expected to see a lot of rivers and tributaries feeding into the mighty Danube. But the reality was a little different.


Firstly the place is free to enter, and as it was a weekend the place was fairly busy, though what with the park being so large its easy to leave everyone else behind. Just watch out for ninja cyclists who appear out of no where.

Bridge over a very reed-y river
Extensive reed bed

As it is so massive, there is a lot of different environments within the park. I came across some large sections of river, however these quickly disappeared and I found myself walking through farmlands and woodland instead. It wasn’t what I’d hoped for, but in a way it was actually rather comforting. It reminded me of home. I’m not going to lie, I really miss both my home back in Sussex and my second home with my friends in Bangor. So when I found myself in this familiar looking countryside, rather than the alien city that is Vienna, it was comforting experience. All except for the massive oil refinery that was off to one side (seriously why do that have that in the middle of a National Park), luckily though I kept it out of my photos.

A walk through the woods, though the oil refinery was literally just off to my right
Reminds me of Sussex

Throughout my walk I also got the distinct impression that Autumn is here, even though most of the leaves around me remained unchanged by the drop in temperature, the position of the sun in the sky just signaled to me the inevitable truth, that the days are getting darker.

Apparently the park is also home to beavers. Which got me rather excited since they are my favourite animal even though I’ve never seen one before. However, when I reached the site that promoted itself as the Beaver ‘Hide’ I was disappointed to find that it was merely an open bridge which looked out over a shallow and lifeless pond that had been surrounded by a wire fence. There was no evidence of any beavers, beside one section of wood that looked suspiciously as if something had gnawed at it. However it just didn’t look like a place beavers would be comfortable living in. So, prehaps the beavers are just use to worser conditions than I thought they were, or maybe the park rangers are just pulling a trick on everyone while the beavers get to live in peace someplace else.

The….ehm….beaver pond

I walked for about 3 hours, and when I finally emerged from the park, the sun was setting and I caught one final glimpse of the one of the parks more impressive waterways. In all a nice sight to end a stress-less day which I sorely needed.


It’s good to get away from the city

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  1. Work loads are strange on an international scale. The US education system has a super light workload. While I did have more while in Northern Ireland, it still wasn’t that much. Fast-forward to Germany, and I feel like I’m drowning in school work sometimes. Getting away into nature is key for sanity!

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    1. Thanks, glad to know I’m not the only one who thought this. What also annoys me is how lessons are taught. Back in Wales there’s a distinct method to how all lecturers teach. But in Vienna is left each lecturers has thier own style. One has a full powerpoint slide and records his lesson, while another just uses a blackboard and an occasional map for his lesson


      1. You know, I’ve never actually thought about it. Teaching styles vary in the States, and I took courses with three different departments in Northern Ireland. Here I am split between two departments but class is different depending on whether you are in a lecture, seminar, or tutorial. I didn’t know that about Wales.

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      2. In Wales I did three courses per semester, each one had a seminar and lecture and they all followed the same strict style so there wasn’t much variation between classes except the for actual topic. But, like you said, over in Europe its one or the other, plus I now have to do 6 courses.


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