Light at the Edge: Portugal Part 2

On the evening of our second day in the Algarve, we found ourselves at Cape St Vincent, the most southwesterly point in Europe.

This cape has been considered scared by numerous cultures, not just too the indigenous people, who built large menhirs nearby, but also too Greek and Roman travelers. Its easy to see why this place played such an important part in spiritual ceremony. Before you is only open water. The closest landmass is the Canary Islands, some 1,500km away, but between here and there it is nothing but ocean.

Sadly though most of the evidence of the Cape’s religious prominence is now gone, including both the ancient Temple of Hercules and the late Francesican piroy. Today there is only a large lighthouse, which dutifully casts its burning light out to sea, making it the first sight of land for many ships making the Atlantic crossing.

Legends state that the sunset at Cape St Vincent is larger than any other place in the world, so naturally we had to wait and find out if there was any truth to the legends. While I don’t think that’s s the case (I mean scientifically speaking I don’t think its actually possible for a sunset to be bigger or smaller, its just a nice romantic statement), that being said, there definitely is something rather mystical about seeing the sun vanish into the wide expanse of the Atlantic Ocean.


I hope you enjoyed this first part of my trip to Portugal. If you did enjoy it feel free to write in the comments, or leave like and thanks for reading.

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