Icelandic Cherry

In reposne to Daily Post’s Cherry On Top

Sorry, this post isn’t actually about an Icelandic cherry (In fact is it even possible to grow cherries in Iceland, are there Icelandic cherries, like an acutal brand, something along the lines of Guojohnsen and Hjorleifsson’s Cherry Company? If you know the answer then type in in the comments below). In actual fact this photo is more of a figurative take on the meaning, rather than actual thing.

I took this photo during my stay in Iceland with my Six Form as part of our geography course, all of which you can see in the Iceland section of my blog. It was a pretty incredible experience. It had been our first full day in Iceland and we’d spent it exploring waterfalls and glaciers and to cap it off we watched the sunset over the Dyrholaey peninsula and its columns, a collection of sea stacks, formed during Iceland’s volcanic past and below us the beach was awash with black sand. Behind us all the setting sun glinted off the snow capped hills. A beautiful way to end the day. The cherry on top.


Damn students, get out the way
A look behind

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  1. Great photos. I went out to Iceland last year and it was an incredibly evocative place. Some places really seem to lend themselves to dramatic photography and Iceland is definitely one of them. While I was there we unfortunately had to speed through the Snaefellsness Peninsula, which was a shame as it’s one of the most remote parts of the country and I felt I didn’t get the chance to photograph it as much as I’d have liked. Mind you, it gives me an excuse togo back again one day!

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