Don’t Look Up

In response to Dasily Post’s Look Up Photo Challenge.

Up tends to be the general direction your heading in when you are climbing mountains, I mean you can head in lots of other directions and there tends to be a lot of meandering about as you try to find the best route to take, but in the end the aim is to head up.

But looking up can be your worst mistake, the amount of times I’ve looked up to see the summit of the mountain still far in the distance or seen an impenetrable wall of rock in front of me are too many to count. It can really drain you to see your goal still so far away, so much so that it can make you lose hope and want to give up.

But when we all make that mistake of looking up, instead of looking in front of us, then the best thing we can do is a grit our teeth and persevere. You have to carry on climbing and keep on trying until the day when you look up and there is nothing but empty sky above your head.

Me on Sharp Edge, Blencathra

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