Northumberland Part 6: Last Day in the Border Lands

If you’re a regular visitor to my site (and if so thank you for your viewership) then you’ll probably have noticed I have given the site a bit of makeover, my aim is to make the website a bit more easy to navigate and more attractive to first time readers. Its a work in progress at the moment and I will also be updating my Facebook page soon to include a lot more content, mostly photos. So if you’ve liked my Facebook page then I’m so sorry about the amount of posts you’ll receive one day. Also in the upcoming week you’ll be hearing some more big news from me, but first I have to make one last trip to Bangor, which I shall be doing tomorrow, the 27th June. Now let’s get on with the actual post.

Day 6 spelled our last day in Northumberland, and what a day it was, floods in my home county of West Sussex, but up here the sun was ablaze and there wasn’t cloud in the sky. I’d be a fool to waste such glorious weather, but my parents wanted to drive further down the coast. Unwilling to spend another day stuck in the car, it was decided that I’d go on my own walk, from Low Newton back to our cottage just outside Seahouses; a distance of around 6 miles.

I set off to an amazing view over Newton Bay, with the ruins of Dunstanburgh Castle, just visible in the distance. From there a followed the coastal path around Newton Head and onto the vast sand dunes of Beadnall Bay, however after 20 minutes or so I got tired of dry sand falling into my boots and I instead left the coastal path and headed along the wide expanse that is Beadnall Bay at low tide.

The North Sea was beautiful though I did have some flashbacks to time of the Farne Islands when I caught the unmistakable sight of arctic terns, still I didn’t get mobbed by them at least. It was a long walk though and by the time I reached the town of Beadnall is was famished (damn you selection cereals, you offer me nothing!), however to my dismay I could not find a single shop or cafe in the village, there was nothing except some nice houses.

I resigned myself to pressing onward to Seahouses, which fortunately was only half an hour away, across another sandy beach. I didn’t really have much time to appropriate this walk though as all I could think of was food. I soon rejoined the coastal path and ended up in Seahouses Golf Course, from which I headed down to the harbour, which was swarming with people who were all enjoying the good weather. Fortunately there was plenty of food here and I hungrily devoured a burger, (and a few doughnuts, I’d hate such precious calories :P). After then it was only a short stroll back to the cottage.

I’ve really enjoyed Northumberland and I was surprised just my the amount of stuff that I wasn’t able to do, there still half a dozen castles I wanted to visit, not to mention the national park. However you can only do so much in six days and we did have a good time every day, thanks in part to the unusually fine weather. I’d definitely consider returning to this part of the country, its natural beauty is staggering and its history as a border country greatly interests me. Who knows, given recent events Northumberaland may soon find its self a border county once more.


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  1. Today is the first time I’ve been able to read your blog directly on your website for quite a while. Previously it would crash the browser in my poor old laptop, so I’ve just been reading through the WordPress reader. Although, to be fair, lots of websites crash my laptop… I really should buy a new one.

    Also, your photos make me miss the ocean so much!

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