Northumberland Part 1: Sea and Sun

We awoke this morning to find that the rain that had hounded us all of yesterday had completely vanished and had been replaced with blue skies and sunshine, hooray!

But then by the time we actually left our cottage the cloud had returned :(. Since we’d spent a whole day in the car yesterday we didn’t fancy doing much traveling today and instead we meandered our way down to the nearby village of Seahouses.

Seahouses is your typical tourist seaside village, filled with a quaint little harbor and gift shops aplenty. Though it isn’t quite the tourist season yet, many had obviously come down to visit for the weekend so the village was bustling with people. We paid a visit to the lifeguard station and then wandered around the harbour, taking in all the colourful boats. Our true reason for coming into Seahouses though was to discover the times for the boat crossing to the Farne Islands, which lie just off the coast and with that done, as well as obtaining a few tacky tourist souvenirs, we headed back for lunch.


Fortunately though, after we finished lunch, the sun reappeared and, determined not to waste it, we drove north to Bamburgh. First we stopped off at Budle Bay, a calm bay which is transformed into a series of mudflats when the tide retreats.

Budle Bay, its amazing to think that all this water disappears at low tide
Ah, peaceful

For our next stop, we arrived at Bamburgh Beach, which offered fantastic views of the castle and the of the wild North Sea.

Beautiful Northumbria

After a fish and chip dinner we headed back out for the beach to see if we could catch a sunset, unfortunately the clouds had reappeared and we were only able to get a few fleeting glimpses of the sun before it finally faded for the night. Nevertheless I took the opportunity to get some practice in with my tripod, with some reasonable success.

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  1. Im from Northumberland myself and the area you have visited is beautiful, especially in the summer! The Northumberland coastline is one of the best places in the

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