Holiday Time Again

Well its time for my holiday in the UK for this year, for this week I’m in Northumberland, the northernmost county of England. In addition to being the most northerly it is also the most sparsely populated county in England and due to its historical proximity to Scotland the region plays host to many battlefields and castles, perfect for me.

Unfortunately right now its raining….yep pretty miserable out there, can’t see further than the end of our road. On the plus side though we have found ourselves in a rather nice cottage, incredibly spacious for three people, just look at the size of my room….

A bit bare and empty though…

On the downside , much like during my holiday in Cornwall last year, I have a skylight, which means I can hear every single drop of rain which I’m sure will drive me mad. Hopefully though it will not rain all week, I will not go insane and I will be able to put out daily posts on my adventures here in the far north of the country. So expect more from me soon.

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    1. I don’t mind the sound of rain spraying against my window when disturbed by the wind, but the sound of it falling onto my window every second of the night above my head isn’t something I enjoy


      1. I wrote a few posts on Northumberland recently – we were there at the Mayday weekend. Visited Bamburgh and Alnwick Castles and Lindisfarne, which was my absolute favourite. All pretty obvious – it’s been too long since I lived there to remember any out of the way places!

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