U is for University

I imagine that for almost everybody reading this outside of the UK, the name Bangor University isn’t likely to ring any bells. In fact I doubt most people in the UK even recognise the name, I certainly didn’t, back in 2013 I had no idea there was a ‘Bangor’ University.

It was during the desperate final year of my time at six form, which is basically college to the rest of the world, when I was trying to figure out what university I was going to go too. I knew that I wanted to go to Uni and study history, but I had no idea which university to pick as so many offered unique and interesting courses. However Bangor University really caught my eye, and I’m not going to lie it was primarily due to its location. I’ve enjoyed mountain climbing and hiking since I was a little kid and too find a university on the edge of Snowdonia National Park, a place I absolutely loved, was too good of an opportunity to miss out on. Don’t get me wrong, Bangor also offered a very attractive course and some of cheapest student accommodation in the country. But when it came down to choosing between Winchester and Bangor, the mountains gave Bangor the edge.

Looking towards Bangor from the summit of Elidir Fawr
Snowdonia on my doorstep
The Menai Straits

Now here I am, about to conclude my second year. Bangor has offered its fair amount of challenges and fortunately overcoming these challenges, I believe, has made me into a stronger person. Firstly there was the drive, I live in West Sussex which is a good 6-7 hours from Bangor, by the time I started university I’d been driving for less than a year. So the drive was a big fear of mine, it’d be the furthest I’d ever driven on my own before and I was terrified I’d end up in an accident because of my woeful driving skills. However now the journey feels completely natural to me and it has made me more confident with my driving and has helped me realise the freedom owning a car can offer.

My wee car has certainly helped me along the way

Another challenge was making friends, I never been a great talker and I tend to get very nervous and quiet in big crowds. Near the end of secondary school I’d had some very bad experiences with people, which in turn transformed me into somewhat of a recluse. Fortunately I’d managed to make a couple of friends in Six Form, but it was a slow process and they wouldn’t be joining me at Uni anyway. Despite my fears though I immediately hit it off with my flat mates and we became such firm friends they we even stuck together in the second year and rented a house.

Enjoying the sunset with friends
Bangor Pier
Enjoying the beach with friends

On top of this though I’ve had some bad experiences with Bangor, my poor little car has sadly been vandalised twice, and the lower town can be rather scary for students like ourselves, we’ve had everything from fires and robberies occur on our street.

Bangor certainly didn’t look to appealing to me in my first year, especially with Pontio still being built
Bangor from the Beaumaris
Lower Bangor

However the University itself (nicknamed Hogwarts) is very impressive and its a great place to study and learn. The Menai Strait also provides a wonderful backdrop and there’s a decent collection of restaurants and historical sites in the area, which I love to visit.

Bangor Uni
The private garden
Looking into the grand hall

However the jewel in Bangor’s crown is Snowdonia, the national park never fails to stir emotions in me. Every time I return to Bangor, I drive through Snowdonia and I’m reminded of why I love being at this Uni. It even inspired me to start up this blog, which has help improve my computer skills and helped my appreciate the advantages of social media.

After Bangor I honestly don’t know where I’ll go, but I’ll never regret being here.

Who could tire of a view like this?

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  1. Glad to discover you’re overcoming those challenges. University can be a difficult time, first time away from all the comforts and safety of home. It’s brave of you to admit to them. I know i struggled at Uni at times. But those were very different days, we didn’t go to University to actually work!

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