T is for Tryfan

Tryfan is another of the British Isles’s most recognizable mountains, is distinctive pointed shape and rugged crags have earned it the nickname of the ‘Dragon’s Back‘, in reference to the red dragon of Wales.

Tryfan is located at the edge of the Glyderau range, situated right next to the A5 road, making it a very easily accessible peak. At 3010ft, it is one of the Welsh 3000 and is recorded as being the fifteenth highest mountain in Wales. There are two routes to the summit, the south and the north ridge, with the north ridge constituting one long grade one scramble. However Tryfan is one of the few mountains in the British Isles that requires the use of your hands to reach the top, which makes it a really good mountain for those wanting an introduction to the experience.

I should know this as Tryfan was the first mountain I ever climbed, all the way back in 2005. Tryfan is not only the mountain that started my love of mountain climbing but it also it inspired my love for North Wales.

The summit is crowned by two stone monolith’s, Adam and Eve. For those climbers who are brave or crazy enough, one can attempt to gain the ‘Freedom of Tryfan’, which involves jumping between the two huge boulders. However there is serious exposure on either side and you definitely need a good head for heights, in all the times I’ve climbed Tryfan I have yet to attempt the leap, though its always tempting.

Little 9 year old me siting on Eve (or Adam). Gives an you idea of the actual gravity of the leap between them

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    1. I’ll admit its raining right now here in Wales. Its just that I only go out on sunny days, if there’s a rainy day here in Wales, you probably won’t see it in my pics. Besides when your here for two years your bound to see at least some sun

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  1. Tryfan was your first mountain? You lucky guy – I had Snowdon and it took years to find out about Tryfan and the delights of the others. I also didn’t fancy the leap the first few times I was up there. I’m currently in the process of writing a short series on my love affair with these giant lumps of rock and how I built up to doing all the 3,000fters in one day!


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