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Hello Readers, Student here

Sorry about the lack of activity lately as I’ve just been recently overwhelmed with Uni work (I haven’t even looked at my blog feed in over a week), however the tide has retreated for now and as of Monday I will be back to regularly posting, so here’s a brief update of whats to come….

A trip to the edge of the world

Firstly I’ve had some recent adventures in and around North Wales, notable a very wet visit to Chirk Castle, located near the English border, and a long day driving around the stunning Llyn Peninsula; both of which I’m looking forward to writing about.

Chirk Castle admist a field of flowers

Secondly I will be continuing with my Alphabet Challenge, I know I failed to keep up with daily posts on that, but I’m still committed to finishing it and will be continuing soon with the letter K, (which I accidentally  missed out originally) and then jumping back to where I left off; which is P (I think, don’t hesitate to tell me if I’ve missed out any other letters).

The King is coming….

Third and finally, in sort a teaser of a teaser, I have some big news to tell you all about soon, which I’ve been holding off for now as nothing is completely set in stone yet and the news really deserves a post in itself. However I will say it is prehaps the most important decision I’ve ever made in my life, thus far, and I will update you all on that when things have moved a little further down the pipeline.

The winds of change are afoot here at Bangor Uni…

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  1. Set in stone… now, there’s a line to use among all the castles and ruins!
    I’m waiting in anticipation!! 😉
    I too, have to get back to my Dublin A to Z in May… letter “O” me thinks…
    Mind you, I too could have news of interest in a few days time… maybe some good, maybe even a bit of bad! 😀

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