Fortress on the Thames: Hadleigh Castle

I’m taking a quick break from my alphabet series, in order to write about some of the places I visited over Easter.

I spent Easter weekend with my brother in Essex and we visited Hadeigh Castle, which overlooks the Thames Estuary

The original castle was built by Hurbert de Burgh, a loyal supporter of King John and his young successor King Henry III. However after Hurbert de Burgh fell out of favour with the king, it was confiscated by the crown and was subsequently used by the Royal Family of England. Edward II and Edward III both carried out massive renovations, who both saw the castle as a potential hunting lodge  as well as deterrent for French raiders. After that the castle passed through a series of owners and eventually was acquired by William Booth for the use of the Salvation Army as a training site. Nowadays it is in the hand of English Heritage, but due to subsidence much of the castle has collapsed, though it still offers a good picnic site and good views over the Thames.

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