H is for Holyhead Mountain

A little further north of Snowdonia, lies Holyhead Mountain, the highest point in Anglesey, though in actual fact it isn’t on Anglesey at all; as its actually situated on Holy Island which is separated from the larger Isle of Anglesey.

Holyhead Mountain

Despite being named mountain, at just 720ft Holyhead Mountain is actually only a big hill, however the view from the summit could convince anybody that they were standing on a much larger peak. Due to relative flatness of the island(s) from the top of Holyhead Mountain you can see practically the entirety of the county of Anglesey and even as far away as the Snowdonia mountains.

Looking south to the nearby lighthouse at South Stacks

Holyhead Mountain and its nearby town have a long history of habitation, evidence of an Iron Age settlement has been found on the hillside and the summit was once home to old Roman Watchtower, known as Caer y Twr. At that time, the site around modern Holyhead town, consisted of a small Roman Fort  (Caer Gybi) and it is reckoned that the watchtower was designed to warn the fort of the arrival of any potential Irish raiders.

The summit
On a clear day the Wicklow Mountains, just outside Dublin, can be seen from the top of Holyhead

Speaking of Irish Raiders, today Holyhead is the main crossing point between Great Britain and Ireland, with ferries from Holyhead taking passengers to a variety of ports including Dublin. As such its perfectly normal to witness dozens of enormous ferries from the top of Holyhead Mountain, making the ever busy route to and from Ireland.

One of the many ferries
Holyhead Town

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