E is for Elidir Fawr

Mountain walking is my favourite thing about living in Bangor, as it means I have great access to a wide range of peaks. My home is back in West Sussex, a much flatter part of the country and a good six hour drive from the nearest mountains, so for me to be able to have such great access to a wide range of peaks is wonderful for me.

Elidir Fawr rises up in the distance

Elidir Fawr is one such beautiful peak which rises above the town of Llanberis, though it is half scarred by slate quarries.

Elidir Fawr from Yr Garn

Elidir Fawr is one of the Welsh 3000s, a classification of the highest mountains in Wales. 3000ft may be pretty small compared to other mountains ranges in the world however this is because the Snowdonia mountains are inexplicably old, far older than ranges such as the Alps, Himalayas and the Andes.

From the west side Elidir Fawr appears to have a perfectly pointed peak

At the time of their formation in the Ordovician period, over 500 million years ago, they were some of the highest mountains in the world. Snowdonia was formed when two landmass, that would later become what we recognize today as England and Wales, collided together forcing the ground upwards and creating the Snowdonia massif. Over millions years erosion and glacier shifts have worn away these mountains into their current day state.

The summit of Elidir Fawr

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