Making a Mountain out of a Mountain

After seeing a documentary showcasing some of the amazing landscape of the Northern Fells in the Lake District I resolved to climb Blencathra, a mountain also known as the Saddleback. And climb it I did, it was great walk and I was happy to cross another Wainwright off my list.

And then I got home and I found this picture on my laptop


and this was a photo of my recent climb up Blencarthra


Without knowing, I’d climbed the exact same mountain. What was disappointing to me was not that I’d climbed a mountain that I’d already summit-ed but the fact that I”d forgotten that I had ever climbed Blencartha, a whole mountain was completely absent from my memory.

In response to Daily Post’s Oops!


  1. I remember climbing Blencartha many years ago, and how you could forget it I don’t know, especially as you seem to have climbed it by the same route, if the photos are anything to go by. Put it down to the altitude affection your memory!

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    1. Its funny, I perfectly remember the walk I did the next day up Helvellyn, looking back at the photos I can just vaguely recall going up Blencathra, but I have no memory of the route I took down. It wasn’t even that long ago, I must have only been about 14.


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