To the Top of the Falls

Well the clocks have turned back here in Wales which means Autumn is now truly upon us. The leaves are dying and days grow darker and colder, seems like just yesterday I was enjoying the warm summer sun. Oh well…

Luckily Autumn means Autumn walks, stomping through piles of fallen leaves and admiring the beautiful colours while the world around is thick with wildlife busying away, preparing for winter. So on Friday I headed out for my first proper Autumn walk.

The Afon Anafon

I drove out to the Aber Valley, a favourite haunt of mine and the site of the spectacular Aber Falls, for a little late afternoon stroll through the woods, I didn’t really have much an idea of where I was going, I just wanted to enjoy some of the wonderful colours.

Autumn days in Wales

Starting off from the car park I headed up a forest track, away from the usual route to the waterfall, I’d come upon this route during one of the many times I’d gotten lost looking for a particular path up into the mountains. I didn’t know where it led, but I hoped that it would take me on a longer route to the waterfall.

Autumn colours
Autumn colours
Autumn colours
Autumn colours

But as I walked higher and higher, I began to have some doubts, eventually I saw a small path leading off into the woods and I took my chances. Following it into the deep, dark, scary woods.

My forest track path
Autumn colours
Looking out towards Anglesey
Into the scary woods……

The path emerged from the trees and I was greeted with a beautiful view of the Aber Valley

The Aber Valley

Unfortunately the path I was following then seemed to vanish and I had to restore to slowly following a fence-line very steeply down the mountain, diving in and under trees to get to the bottom. At the bottom I came upon a style which led up a scree covered slop into the mountains beyond. The path looked like it would lead me past the very top of the waterfall, I’d visited the Aber Falls a couple of times now, but I had never been to the top of it, so I let curiosity get the better of me and headed up the scree path.

The Aber Valley
Scree path

It was a slow, careful slog along the scree, devolving into a couple of scrambles, but I eventually made it to the top of the falls, or at least as near to the top as I felt like going with one hour of light left. I stopped by the falls to eat some delicious rocky road before heading back down the way I’d come.

The top of the Aber Falls
Long view over the Aber Valley and out towards Anglesey and Puffin Island

By the time I eventually reached the style, the sun had set and the evening light was quickly fading, but I resolved to at least get a couple of photos of the mighty falls at their peak before finally heading back to the car.

The Aber Falls
The Aber Falls
A gang of wild ponies

Thus concludes my tale, if you enjoyed this story feel free to write in the comments, or leave a like and thanks for reading.

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      1. Depends where in Aus you go. I’m down in Tasmania, island state at the bottom of the country so yes we get four seasons here. While Queensland and Northern Territory are tropical so no real winter.

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    1. I wouldn’t know the tree types, I’d have to ask the forestry students here at Uni :P. The scree wasn’t as challenging as I’d thought it’d be, from the bottom it looks pretty imposing but I was surprised by how quickly I was moving along, perhaps I’m just getting fitter


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