On the Island of Graves

Last Sunday I joined up with my photography society for a walk to Church Island, in Anglesey. After seeing some of the fantastic images on other blogs, I’ve been trying to improve my own photography skills, as photography is a big part of my blog; however in truth I know very little about the subject and have next to nothing in terms of photographic equipment. Fair to say, I was pretty intimidated after seeing the photos other members of the society had taken. Many members are already extremely proficient photographers and are often armed with the latest camera, lens and image enhancing programs. However I resolved to just keep doing my own thing and learn as I go. Below are a few of the photos I took of the day

Church Island has had religious significance since the 7th century when St Tysilio founded a monastery on the island. These day the island is covered in gravestones and although the monastery is gone, a small 15th century church now stands in its place. Church Island is only a hour’s walk from Bangor, just across the Menai Bridge and is home to a large concentration of red squirrels. The tidal island itself is now reachable at any point in the day thanks to the Belgium Promenade, built in 1914 by grateful Belgium refugees.

The Menai in the dusk

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  1. I am sure most photographers do not mean to intimidate. It is our own insecurities that make them intimidating. But a good eye is all you really need to become a good photographer. OK, yes, and some kind of camera. The pictures you have posted here are beautiful and convey the calmness of your surroundings. Good job!

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  2. Your photos are great, very atmospheric. As a photographer I can tell you that having the best equipment does not make you a great photographer, it’s about the images you see and record, your eye! It’s about getting to know your camera – however basic it is–, the more you use it the more instinctive it becomes. I think it’s good to go out photographing with other people, get ideas and share tips. It’s good to see other people’s images too, to see what works and what doesn’t.
    Try not to feel intimidated by other peoples work (I should really listen to my own advice, haha!), take inspiration from them and find your own look 🙂

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      1. You are welcome! I use a Fuji XT1 mirrorless camera now, I love it. It’s light, creative and fun to play with. I used to have a Canon 5D II (with pro lenses) but I got sick of the weight of all the kit: i.e. it stopped being fun! I’ve been using the XT1 since Feb and I’m not going back! Because the camera is small and lightweight I take it everywhere and the quality of the images is not far off my old Canon. For me it was worth the trade off. I’ve got pictures I’ve taken ages ago on my old Canon 40d (the dslr I used at college) and they are still great images. Yes, the pro kit gives the best quality technically but creativity and eye win very time!

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    1. The entire Menai bridge was built in 1826 and was designed by Thomas Telford, while the other bridge (the one in the distance) was designed by Robert Stephenson (both were great engineers of their time) and built in 1850

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