Student Back in Snowdonia

Well I’m back at Uni now and have settled down into my cosy new house, again I must apologies for missing my deadline yesterday. As a result I’ve decided I’m no good with deadlines and from now on I will just post whenever I can, I’ll try to keep it down to two articles a week but sometimes it could be more or less.

I have a few days before classes start, sadly the weather isn’t great at the moment (in fact its pretty horrible). Luckily, driving up to Bangor from Ludlow, I decided to stop off at a couple of sites along the way.

Just before reaching the town of Oswestry, I turned off into Powis and followed my sat-nav, which was guiding me to the Pistyll Rhaeadr, one of the tallest waterfalls in England and Wales; though not the tallest, which is a common mistake.

Pistyll Rhaedr

Pistyll Rhaeadr’s source lies in the Berwyn Mountains, which tower over the surrounding countryside and the waterfall itself tumbles over a 240ft cliff face.

All three stages of the waterfall

The waterfall is listed as one to the Seven Wonders of Wales and is also a Site of Special Scientific Interest. There are various walks in and around the waterfall and I would of liked a day to explore the area, but alas time was pressing as I had to collect the key to my house at four o’clock.




Leaving the waterfall I drove on to the village of Bala, but before reaching there, I had to drive through the Milltir Cerrig Pass, a mountain pass which crosses over the Berwyn Mountains; reaching 1594ft above sea level. I was staggered by the beauty of this particular stretch of road, it rivaled the A5 through Snowdonia, which is my personal favourite. Again I wish I could have stopped to take some photos, but I really didn’t have time, so you’ll just have to take my word for it; it truly was amazing to drive through.

Lake Bala

I finally stopped for a quiet lunch by the shores of Lake Bala, the largest natural body of water in Wales. By this time the sun I’d been enjoyed fell away to dreary cloud and drizzle. Soon though I was back on the road and driving into Snowdonia National Park. Doing so, I felt a great sense contentment and excitement, I was finally back and  now I certainly can’t wait to get out into these hills again. Just waiting for that sun now.

The rain roles in across Lake Bala

Thus concludes my tale, if you enjoyed this story feel free to write in the comments, or leave a like and thanks for reading.

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    1. Its very tucked away and your only going to find it if your actually looking for it, also its in Powys which is one of the UK’s least densely populated areas which all may account for why the waterfall is relatively unknown. But it really is spectacular and worth the visit

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  1. This takes me back to childhood holidays in Wales. I remember driving by Lake Bala – in fact I think we may have stayed near there. The waterfall is amazing – don’t remember seeing that before. Sorry the weather’s not great – hope it improves! Your photos are stunning! Good luck with your studies this year and have a lovely weekend 🙂

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