Uni Bound

Well, Cornwall is done and dusted, which means its time to return to ordinary, dreary student life. It would be boring if I wasn’t going to Bangor University, on the edge of Snowdonia National Park.

This means there plenty of sights to see and things to do, I’ve already spent a year at Bangor and despite many adventures, I haven’t even scratched the surface of whats out there.

The city of Bangor and Bangor Uni

As I’m a rather meticulous person I’ve drawn out a list of places I intend to visit during my second year, when I’m not hard at work studying of course.

(Note: none of these pictures are my own)

Yr Aran

Number 1: Yr Aran

A good single mountain peak, although you can combine it with a conquest of Snowdon, however I reckon it could make for a good snowy walk, come winter time.

Caernarfon Aerial North Castles Historic Sites

Number 2: Walk from Bangor to Caenarfon

I live with five other people in my new student house and we are all good friends. However because of our numbers it can be rather difficult to do things as a group. There is very little to do within Bangor for a whole day and we don’t always have money to spare for the bus. However a group walk to Caenarfon could be good, following the coastal path along the length of the Menai Strait.


Number 3- Bryn Celli Ddu

I’ve already tried to find this ancient Neolithic Barrow tomb, one of the best preserved in the UK, and have failed to find it; but I have a good feeling about this year


Number 4- Elider Fawr

After climbing Glyder Fawr and Glyder Fach earlier this year, I realized that I’ve almost climbed all the mountains in Snowdonia’s Glyder range, the big one remaining to be climbed is Elider Fawr, also referred to as the Electric Mountain because of the hydroelectric dam built into the mountain’s base.


Number 5: Gallt y Orgof

Another Glyder mountain that it just begging to be climbed. I have a love for smaller, little-known peaks and Orgof certainly appeals to me.


Number 6- Baron Hill

Ever since we explored an abandoned typhoid hospital on the edge of Bangor, me and my house mates have had a perchance for abandoned places. And what better place to explore together than this abandoned mansion just outside Beaumaris.

Number 7- Exploring the Llyn Peninsular

Llyn was an area I didn’t set foot into at all during my first year at Uni, much to my mistake. From what I’ve heard it’s a beautiful region with some stunning coastline. A one particular site that caught my eye was Yr Eifl and its hill-fort Tre’r Ceiri, pictured above.


Number 8: The Marquess of Anglessy

When I first saw this huge monument I thought it was just another unnecessary ego-feeding landmark, built undoubtedly to compensate for something. Then I saw signs stating that you had to pay to visit it and that turned me off even more. It was only when I got home that I realized that you could actually climb to the top of it. I can only imagine what the view must be like, but I know now that I want to see it for myself.

roman camp

Number 9: Sunrise at Roman Camp

Perhaps another group activity here if anyone’s awake for it. Roman camp is our local hill in Bangor, once the site of a Norman castle, it is now a place for students and dog walkers alike. From the top you get a good view of the Menai Straits, Snowdonia, Lower Bangor and any passing solar eclipses. I last saw a sunrise in July and on that day I didn’t sleep for around 30 hours, so maybe this is one for winter when the sun rises a bit later in the day.

Bangor, soon to return

Thus concludes my tale, if you enjoyed this story feel free to write in the comments, or leave a like and thanks for reading.

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  1. Have fun back at uni – my 2nd year was the best year. I went to Bangor as part of a geography field trip at school, and we had to ask locals about their shopping habits. I remember quite a few refused to speak or even look at us as we were talking to them in English!

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  2. Hiya.

    Love these ideas… I look forwards to reading about them.

    As far as I recall, Bryn Celli Ddu is set well back from the road (first major right turn after Plas Newydd, coming from Llanfair, if you’re unsure.) and you have to follow a very long track up to it. And Baron Hill… Myself and some friends tried to find it but didn’t succeed- We were trying to come at it from the roads and the farm to the north of the house but I don’t think you can get to it that way. I’ve since found, at the start of ‘Henllys Lane’ to the south that there’s a broken wall and a path through the trees. Not sure if it will lead anywhere though.

    Hope this is helpful.

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    1. I tried to find Bryn Celli Ddu as part of a larger walk to Anglesey once and gave up, turns out I was one lane away from it :P. Baron Hill however may be a bit trickier to find but I will look out for Henllys Lane, thank you

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