Wild Days in Cornwall

Last night I went to bed with the rain gently pattering against my window…

In the morning I awoke to a howling gale, with the wind so loud in my ears that I was sure my bedroom roof would be ripped off and tossed to the elements. Heavy raindrops lashed against my window and outside the sea was frothy mess of turbulent waves and salty foam. The infamous Cornish weather had arrived.

I awoke to a much wilder Cornwall

It certainly wasn’t much of a day for walking, I stepped outside to take some photos and was almost blown over by the furious wind, though I did briefly wander out to the headland to catch a few shots of the wild coastline.

The stormy Atlantic coast

However eventually the consistent sound of my room creaking and groaning was too much to bear and I had to get out. Fortunately as well, by this time in the afternoon the weather had devolved into a consistent repeat of sunshine and showers. Ever since my ill-fated trip to the Steall Falls (see here) during which I got extraordinarily wet, I’ve learnt to always be prepared against the likelihood of heavy rain showers. So before we left I quickly geared up with a waterproof coat and trousers, as well as a pair of heavy walking boots.

A lone windsurfer battles it out against the wind

Ready and prepared, we set off to the nearby Perranporth Beach. Although the beach itself is pretty vast, some 3 miles long, we didn’t have time to explore the majority of it, which was a shame as the Oratory of St Piran lay somewhere among the sands.

Perranporth Beach

Nevertheless I got some fairly fine photos of the beach and the continuing wild weather, I was constantly having to cover my eyes as sand was blowing relentlessly into my face. After that, I still had some time to spare so I decided to wonder up to the nearby cliff tops. There, I happened across the Perranporth Sundial and while sitting there a noticed a faint rainbow in the hills beyond. With the sun now shinning and the rainbow in the distance, it was a rather becalmed scene.

The sundial with a hint of rainbow in the background

Then the hail hit me. Suddenly I was running back down the coastal path to shelter, as I was pelted with hailstones. Though I was ever grateful for my waterproof clothes, which kept the worse of the wet out, I hadn’t prepared myself to be attacked by thousands of little stingy ice balls, so I bravely made a hasty retreat back to the car.

A last look at the beach

Right now I’m lying in bed and still my bedroom is loudly creaking and groaning as the wind rattles through. I can only hope that sleep will come soon for me and that this weather will go away too.

Fairly sure this is Slender Billed Gull, anyway he didn’t seem to bothered by the weather

Thus concludes my tale, if you enjoyed this story feel free to write in the comments, or leave a like and thanks for reading.

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