Newborough Beach

Although my summer holiday is yet to come (one week to go), it is now September and summer is drawing to a close, unless you are in the UK whereas in ended some time in July or your in the Southern Hemisphere and are just now removing your winter scarf, or you live somewhere with a dry and rainy season, or a monsoon season, or you have a micro climate that doesn’t vary throughout the year. Nevertheless, somewhere in the world, summer is now ending.

However we all want to retain that summer feeling, at least for little while longer, so I’ve decided to share some summer inspiring images and what screams summer more than a sandy beach. So here they are, images of my favorite beach in the world, Newborough Beach in Anglessy.


Newborough Beach has a fabulous setting, located on the South West coast of Anglessy, the beach has an amazing view of the Snowdonia Mountains and the Llyn Peninsular. Behind the beach is Newbrough Forest, a red squirrel habitat, and additionally on the north side of the beach is Ynys Llanddwyn, a tidal island. So if, like me, your not a fan of just lazing in the sand all day, then there is plenty of other places to explore.


The first time I visited Newborough Beach, it was near sun set and despite the lateness of the hour, the kite surfers were still at play. That’s the one downside of this beach, at times it can be very windy.


Ynys Llanddwyn against the backdrop of the setting sun. The island is tidal so at high tides it can become cut off from the rest of the beach, meaning be careful when you walk.


The whole expanse of Newborough can make for a much longer walk, taking in the beach, Ynys Llanddwyn and the forest.


The end of Ynys Llanddwyn is marked with a lighthouse. The island itself is covered in wild flowers and has many smaller beaches hidden among its inlets.


The island itself use to be part of the medieval North Wales pilgrimage route and the ruins of the church of St Dwynwen hail back to these bygone days. Today however, it is a place of relaxation and leisure for people.


Newborough Forest stands just behind the sandy expanse of the beach and whenever sand becomes boring, numerous paths and trails through the woods beckon you. You may even catch a sight of a Red Squirrel (sigh, one day….)


Sand, mountains, islands and forests, the moment I saw this beach and all it had to offer, I fell in love with it.


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