A Tragic Day

Firstly I’d just like to inform everyone that I will be reducing my posting dates, so instead of posting everyday like I have been doing, I am instead going to be conserving my stories and will now be posting new articles on both Tuesday and Saturday, but I will also be still be adding pictures to my Instagram as well as writing on Twitter and Bloglovin all week, so keep a look out.

Now for the serious stuff..

As many of you have undoubtedly heard, yesterday at around 1:30 a Hawker Hunter jet, preforming at Shoreham Airshow, crashed on the busy A27, which runs along side the airport. As of this moment 11 people are said to have been killed in this tragic event, with the pilot also now fighting for his life in hospital.

At the time of the crash I was just a few miles away preparing to go for a walk on the South Downs above Shoreham, hoping to catch a free glimpse of the airshow. I was looking forward to writing up a post later that evening, but in light of this event, I now don’t feel much like writing anything. It is a cruel irony that just a day after I wrote a post about how much I love this county, and how beautiful it is, that such a horrific incident should occur. The sun is shinning outside, but a black cloud hangs over all of us here in Sussex.

I am sad to say that some of my friends have lost people known to them. This, combined with the terrible loss, a few months ago, of one of my former classmates ,who I grew up with in primary school; has really put in sharp contrast just how sudden things can come to an end.

Because ultimately life is short, do not waste it, make everyday your own adventure, because one day it could be your last.

RIP to all those who loss their lives at Shoreham, we will never forget.


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