Rain, Rivers and Waterfalls: The Steall Falls

In the August of last year, I traveled up to Scotland to do some volunteer work with the Scottish National Trust, however before that began my dad and I decided to arrive a few days early and do some walking in the Highlands.

Initially we had intended to climb Ben Nevis, but the weather looked to poor for it to be worth the climb up so we instead drove into Glen Nevis and did a short walk to the spectacular Steall Falls, Scotland’s second highest waterfall.

Our drive up through Glen Nevis was a magical as ever, the mountains on either side of the road were obscured by thick cloud, which was rolling down into the valley, creating a mystical scene. Our walk began at the car park based at the end of the Glen Nevis Road, from which the path took us along the wooded banks of the Waters of the Nevis and up into the Nevis Gorge. The path itself was wet and slippery from rain showers so we had to tread gingerly and in some places the path vanished and we had to clamber over rocks and steams. But as we reach the Nevis Gorge and trees began to thin, the clouds seemingly fell away to reveal sunshine and a beautiful landscape before us.

The Nevis Gorge with the Steall Falls in the distance

I felt like I had stumbled upon Shangri-La or some other hidden kingdom. Ben Nevis rose majestically up behind us, but our eyes were only drawn to the sparkling Waters of the Nevis and the roaring fury that was the Steall Falls in the distance, already we could hear its turbulent waters . We continued following the path and took a right fork which led towards the falls, however we soon hit a small snag. You see, in order to cross the river you had to walk across a tightrope

….a literal tightrope

No bridge, no jumping point, no stepping stones, just a tightrope.

Dad attempts the tightrope

Of course we couldn’t turn back now, not with the waterfall so close, so we gritted our teeth and stepped carefully onto the swaying rope.

My turn…

I honestly don’t see why there just can’t just be a nice quaint little wooden bridge, still we made it across safe and sound and now we were only a stones throw away from the waterfall. Annoyingly at this point the path just decided to disappear and we were left trudging though thick mud and heather, heading towards the sound of the waterfall, which itself was obscured by the trees. Eventually though we made it to the Steall Falls.

The torrent known as the Steall Falls

Steall Falls 02[1]
Me perched besides the falls and getting very wet
After some photo posing it was time to head back, across the ridiculous tightrope, and into the valley for a spot of lunch, however just as we finished eating, we noticed some rather dark clouds approaching us.

Dark clouds over Glen Nevis

We decided to hurry back before the rain hit us, but just as we reached the woods the heavens opened up. Stupidly I had left my waterproof trousers back at the car and was now paying the price for it, by the time we got back to the car I was soaked to the skin and all the stuff in my pockets was ruined, wallet included; fortunately all the £10 notes dried out. However the car’s heated seats soon warmed me up and I couldn’t help but feel like I had seen a couple of truly spectacular sites today, the incredible Steall Fall’s itself and my dad on a tightrope.

A wonder what would happen if i just jumped up and down on the rope a little…..

Thus concludes my tale, if you enjoyed this story feel free to write in the comments, or leave like and thanks for reading.

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  1. I used to be able to do that tightrope thingy 🙂 Not wild about mud though. I’m sure there will be lots of people who are happy just to absorb the beauty from their armchairs. Your Dad is game, isn’t he? 🙂 Many thanks to you.

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