A Short Return

Surprise!, alright I know I said there wouldn’t be a post today, but I ending up doing some walking, took some photographs, got internet connection and one thing just led to another, I just can’t resist it.

Firstly the blog has just achieved over 300 views in under two weeks, everyday I’m shocked at the number of people visiting this site and reading my posts, its a very humbling experience. So a big thank you to everyone, you are a big inspiration for me and I hope to keep writing this blog for a long time yet. 

Anyway I’m back in North Wales for a couple of days to do some walking with my dad. Our target, should the weather remain decent, is Bristly Ridge and the twin summits of Glyder Fawr and Glyder Fach. Anyway by leaving home at six in the morning we wound up in Bangor at around twelve and decided to go into Snowdonia to do some reconnaissance for our walk tomorrow. Unfortunately, despite arriving in Bangor in near perfect sunshine, the weather gods must have heard of our arrival and quickly the clouds started to roll in.

The Ogwen Valley under the clouds
The Ogwen Valley under the clouds

This didn’t dampen my spirits though as, in my humble and limited opinion, the A5 road from Bangor to the Ogwen Valley is one the best in the world. The whole route winds and twists slowly up through the Ogwen valley while the mountains of the Carneddau and Glyderau ranges rise imposingly on either side of the road. The forests of Braichmelyn fall away to reveal the dark waters of Llyn Ogwen, which on sunny days perfectly reflects the mountains that surround it. At sunset the landscape is consumed by a variety of colours, from deep purples to golden yellows and at night the sky is a tapestry of stars. It is a route that looks stunning in any weather, believe me; I’ve even driven through there in a lighting storm!

The summit of Y Garn, consumed by clouds
The summit of Y Garn, consumed by clouds

Today we arrived in thick cloud, but the landscape still looked as beautiful as ever.

Twll Du (Devils Kitchen)
Twll Du (Devils Kitchen)

We stopped off and brought some lunch from the nearby Ogwen cafe and then settled by the lake to eat, our peace briefly disturb by jets flying low over head. Afterwards we made a short assent up the Bochlwyd Buttress and examined our planned route for tomorrow. From there we were greeted with terrific views of Tryfan and Bristly Ridge, with clouds enclosing the tops of the Glyders, while to the north of the valley we could see the ever prominent Pen-yr-Olde-Wren, as well as Y-Garn and the Devils Kitchen. Below us was the deep waters of Llyn Ogwen and to the south we could just make out the beginnings of some smaller mountains such as Pen yr Helgi Du.

Llyn Ogwen
Llyn Ogwen

With the map and our route sorted, as well as a plan B and C we headed back to the car, hoping the sunshine that was promised for tomorrow would appear.

A peek at Tryfan's dragon-back like summit
A peek at Tryfan’s dragon-back like summit

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