Photo Collection: Snow on the Peaks

(quick note, tomorrow I will be driving up to Wales so I probably won’t have time to post anything on the blog, though hopefully if the weather stays good I’ll have a walk to talk about on Saturday evening)

You know what this summer needs, snow! Whether you love it or hate it, you can’t deny snowy landscape make for some stunning photographs.

Simple premise, so here it is, a collection of my favorite snowy pictures


Firstly a picture of a bright sunny day over the Alps above Morzine, France, looking over into Switzerland.


A picture of Llyn Cowlyd in February. Llyn Colwyd is the deepest lake in North Wales and is hidden by a mountain on either side, Creigiau Gleision and Pen Llithrig y Wrach.


A photo from the same walk to Llyn Cowlyd, snowing my long snowy path up to the lake, with Moel Saibod and its white summit rising up in the background.


Away from Wales now, this photo is of me and my brother trudging our way across a snow drift towards the summit of Scafell Pike, in the Lake District. We had to watch our steps here as any layer of snow could have been hiding a treacherous gap in the rocks


An oldie, but a goodie. Llyn Idwal frozen over on a December day.

Walking up to Llyn Idwal, I was also greeted with this image of the Rhaeadr Ogwen waterfall, partially frozen but still roaring down the mountain slopes


The rugged landscape of Iceland, reflected almost perfectly in this melt water lake, near the Mýrdalsjökull Glacier. Ok, I know there’s not much snow in this one, but I swear there was a lot more just out of frame; plus you’ve got to include Iceland in one of these type of photo collections.


Looking back along the ridge up Mynydd Mawr, with the snow-capped peaks of Snowdon in the background


Driving through the Ogwen Valley I just had to stop and take some photos of this beautiful scenery, Llyn Ogwen was particularly clear and reflective that day.

Finally looking the other way back through the Ogwen Valley, the Glyderau peaks rising majestically above the road, which for the dead of winter were completely clear of any snow and ice, a perfect day for driving. Seeing this photo again, I can’t wait to be back up there tomorrow.


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