Photo Collection: Welsh Wildlife

Despite my consistent exploring of the countryside of North Wales I am sad to say I have seen very little of its fantastic wildlife. No seals, deer or dolphins for me…yet.

However there is a particular animal that I have seen plenty of during my time in Wales and they can be found all over Snowdonia..


Therefore I thought It’d be a bit fun to create a little photo collection of some of my best sheep photos.

SDC13601I stumbled across this particular terrifying looking sheep on my first walk to the Aber Falls, which can be seen in the background, I think we were both a bit shocked to see each other.

IMG_6929A sheep and its lamb near sunny Llanberis. I took this photo after a long walk in the Moel Eilio Hills and the peak in the background is Snowdon itself.

SDC13738A sheep on the side of Moel Siabod, I named this one Owain as he was clearly the Welsh Prince among the sheep (in case you haven’t read my walk to Moel Siabod click here).

SDC13739 Owain surveying all of the land he rules…at least I imagine thats what hes doing (you may recognize this imagine as its the background for my blog)

IMG_6221Sheep: Munch, munch, munch, graze, munch

IMG_6222Sheep: Hey who’s that? Oh no, hes got a camera!

IMG_6223Sheep:  Quick lads, lets get out of here

IMG_6225Sheep: Run you fools, save yourselves!!

IMG_6219Of course despite the stereotype, which I have tried shamelessly to enforce, sheep are not the only animals in Wales. For example this photo of a couple of lovely Welsh mountain ponies and a wee foal was taken just on the side of Tal y Fan (for more info on my walk there, see here).

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