One Week Milestone

Hello readers, I got two things I need to tell you about quickly

Firstly its now been a week since I first started Student in Snowdonia and I am honestly thrilled with how far its come. 7 days and we’ve already had over 180 views with over 60 different visitors. So a huge thank you to all of those who have viewed, liked and especially followed this page.

When I started this blog I had little idea of what sort of content I’d fill it with and I still don’t have a clear idea, but I know I’m going to enjoy writing about whatever comes into my head and I hope you do to.

Secondly I’m afraid over this week there may be less activity from me for most of the week as I’ll be working from Monday to Wednesday and then I’ll be traveling up to Wales to move stuff into my new student house. However on Saturday I aim to do some mountain climbing, so expect a big post on that day

Until then I have a few ideas for a couple of little posts so keep your eyes open.

So once again thank you so much for you support, early viewers like you have really inspired me to write and post as much as I have.

Also don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and visit me at Google+ for more updates and pictures.

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