Photo Collection: Sunsets Galore

I didn’t feel much like writing a long blog post today, after all I don’t want to use up all my stories before I’ve even got back to uni. However my Inchree Falls post (see here) did give me an idea.

In all my travels I tend to of found sunsets to be a period of incomparable beauty (except for maybe sunrises,  but seriously do you expect a university student like me to be up in time for one of those?). There’s just something about the dynamic colours in the sky that so completely change the way the landscape appears to me. What can be a rather dull grey hilltop can instead become a dazzling display or reds and purples within the light of the setting sun.

Therefore for this posted I’ve decided to show off some of my favourite sunsets.

SDC14167This first one appeared quite by chance whilst getting off a bus in Bangor, it had been an exceedingly dull day (even by North Wales standards), but as I was heading back to my flat, this lovely burnished sun appeared below the cloud line and I caught a quick snap before it disappeared over Anglesey.
SDC13123This photo was taken at Dunmore Head in Ireland, Country Kerry (the most westerly point in Ireland). The point overlooks the Blasket Islands and I caught the sun just at the right moment as it descended above a single standing stone that marks the top of the cliff face.

SDC13576Back in Bangor again, with beautiful golden sun setting over the Menai Straits at low tide, taken from the Victorian crafted Bangor Pier.SDC12563Sunset over the Atlantic Ocean, taken last year at Cape St Vincent in Portugal (the most westerly point in mainland Europe).

IMG_6318To Anglesey now with this photo being taken at South Stack Lighthouse, which I have previously visited in another post (see here). I actually missed the sunset here but I thought that those twilight colors were too good to not include here.

SDC13623Staying on Anglesey for the moment, this photo was taken at the gorgeous Newbrough Beach (my absolute favourite beach). Even with the sun setting over the nearby Ynys Llanddwyn, the wind suffers were still at play.

However my personal best site for viewing sunsets is Cape Cornwall

IMG_3519With a elevated view and a visual canvass stretching across the Atlantic Ocean your almost always guaranteed a great view when the sun sets.

IMG_3533When I was little my family would travel every summer to Cornwall on holiday and we would always visit Cape Cornwall, it is a place fully ingrained in my childhood. Fortunately in a few weeks time I will be returning to Cornwall and I’m sure to get plenty more snaps of Cape Cornwall and its breath-taking sunsets.


Thus concludes my tale, if you have stories you wish to share free to leave a note in the comments, also if you enjoyed this post leave a like and thanks for reading.

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