Mountain Lakes: Llyn Idwal

Just as much as it is known for its mountains, Snowdonia is also famous for its lakes, formed by retreating glaciers from the last Ice Age. Of all these, Llyn Idwal is perhaps the most recognizable, been situated just a 10 minute walk from the Ogwen Cottage, a famous haunt for mountain climbers and walkers alike; as a result there are often crowds of people around the lakeside. Due to its ample parking and convenient location on A5, the main road through Snowdonia, I have often found myself visiting this lake throughout my first year at university. It is a sight that never fails to impress.

Llyn Idwal

The lake is reputedly named after a grandson of old Rhodri the Great, the last king of Wales. Prince Idwal is said to have been murdered and drowned in the lake, although is more likely that he was cremated on the lakeside. Dispite this grisly past, the mountain scenery here is certainly very striking, Llyn Idwal lies with the hanging valley of Cwn Idwal and is surrounded by both the Glyderau and Carneddau range. From the lakeside you can see some of Wales’ highest peaks including Foel Goch, Pen Yr Olde Wren, Glyder Fawr and Glyder Fach. The famous Twll Ddu (or as its better know, the Devil’s Kitchen) looms up over the lake and the Idwal Slabs, on the eastern shore, are a great rock climbing site (although I do not advise swimming in the lake because to say it is freezing is an understatement).

Llyn Idwal with Pen Yr Olde Wren in the background

I am lucky enough to have been able to see Llyn Idwal in a variety of weathers, from wild storms, calm sunshine, to freezing winter; me and my flat mates even went there to witness a spectacular meteor show in the dead of night (sadly forgot my camera for that one, oops). Llyn Idwal is the first place I brought my flat mates in order to show off the beautiful of Snowdonia, (…and demonstrate how useful it could be to have a friend with a car).

No matter the weather its always a wonder to behold, its certainly place that will forever remain very dear to me.

Llyn Idwal frozen over, sorry if the photo seems odd, I used my camera phone for this one

Thus concludes my tale , if you have stories you wish to share or have any advice about the blog in general feel free to leave a note in the comments and thanks for reading.

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    1. Thank you, I’m by no means a professional photographer (I only have one lens for my camera) but I’m trying to get better, Snowdonia is perfect for me, bad weather and all, you should visit the national park next time your in the UK, after Cornwall of course


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